About is a community operated by Fosshost, a non-profit hosting provider that supports hundreds of open-source projects with cloud computing services. This website was created to track the development and progress of the Fosshost Arm-based build project. We provide daily updates on our journey, designed to both informative, practical, and provide an insight into the Arm world.

Our philosophy is to go further together, providing open-source projects and communities with a world-class and tailored hosting experience. To achieve this, we work with industry leaders, influential organizations, and individuals who promote the Arm ecosystem. What will you build, test or optimize on Arm technology?

This project would not be possible without the support of Ampere Computing, CustodianDC, HiveDC, PacketFrame, and Netwise. Further details of sponsorships can be found on our sponsorship page.

Our History

Our Founder, Thomas Markey, was introduced to Peter Pouliot, Senior Developer Advocate at Ampere Computing, in September 2020, by Hector Oron, Debian Developer at the Debian Project. This contact kicked off the AArch64 project.

Following this contact, we have very generously been awarded 55 units of Armv8 32 cores (in a single chip), clocked at 3.3GHz, Lenovo machines. These machines are currently in the process of being shipped from Santa Clara, CA USA to their respective new home.

The last few months have been very busy, working behind the scenes to create and coordinate a programme of works to further enhance and compliment the services of Fosshost, by introducing powerful Armv8 infrastructure.

The resource and effort to make this project is only possible thanks to our sponsors, Ampere Computing, and the help of our volunteers, trustees and contributors from the Fosshost community.

We work in partnership with the Works on Arm Programme ran by Ed Vielmetti, Equinix Metal, and have a number of hosting sponsors who will support our journey in the managed data centre environment.

We hope you enjoy our journey, we want you to be part of that journey, so click here to understand how you can help, otherwise, check our blog daily for updates from our Arm Team!