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AArch64 is now in production, using its own ASN

We are extremely excited to announce that our AArch64 platform has entered production! To everyone who helped develop and test the platform, you have our deepest respecy and acknowledgment. A special word of appreciation to Rocky Linux and Armbian, two of our early adopters that were crucial in getting the platform production-ready.

A total of 10 hypervisors are now running, waiting for your Arm-based projects. To apply, click on the "Apply Now" button on the top of this webpage.

Another news is the implementation of our own ASN (Autonomous System Number), AS211352, and IP space. This will make our life easier in terms of peering and will be available to all Fosshost projects.

Please take the opportunity to follow us on Twitter and share this web page with educational groups, Arm fans, and like-minded individuals.
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