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AArch64 benchmark results

At Fosshost, we always wondered how our AArch64 platform would perform when compared with other Arm-based platforms. Is the performance on par with the market offering?

Recently, our founder, Thomas, decided to get an answer. He contacted Cloud Mercato to benchmark AArch64 and contrast it with Amazon Web Services and Oracle Cloud offerings. Cloud Mercado used the open-source Sysbench, OpenSSL, and Flexible I/O Tester (FIO) tools for the benchmarks.

We now have the results to share with our community. Before that, let's first look at the specs from each service used for the comparison and AArch64 offering used in the tests.

Platform specs

And now, the results.


Sysbench benchmark


OpenSSL benchmark


IOPS benchmark

Thomas, our founder and CEO, said:, said: "Working with Cloud Mercato has been a great experience. As a free provider of services to the open-source community, we are always looking to constantly improve our service. The results show that what we provide is a great addition to the ARM world of hosting, not to mention for free. Fosshost is glad to support the open-source community.".

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