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Featured Sponsor - HiveDC

Welcome to the first in a series of blog posts about our incredible sponsors

First and foremost, the Fosshost team wishes you a happy new year!

Our first featured sponsor is HiveDC, a Tier III+ colocation data center based in Montreal, Canada, and one of the leading choices for per unit and cabinet server colocation in the country.

HiveDC features, among many things, a 99% green data center and an uptime of 100%. In 2019, they won the Data Center Location of the Year Award.

Two of our fifty 1U Lenovo ThinkSystem HR330A eMAG systems will be colocated at HiveDC's data center, thanks to their sponsorship. This will allow us to provide AArch64-as-Service for open-source projects in more regions across the globe.

One of the company's co-founders, Karl Morin, was essential in providing sponsorship for the Arm-64 project. To him and everyone at HiveDC, thank you so much for all the kindness demonstrated toward us.

Please take the opportunity to follow us on Twitter and share this web page with educational groups, Arm fans, and like-minded individuals.
The image used in this blog post was provided to us by HiveDC. All rights reserved to them
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