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Featured Sponsor - Packetframe

Welcome to our fifth post in a series of blog posts about our amazing sponsors

While we wait for some of our Arm-based units to go live [we're almost there!], we would like to talk to you about one of your sponsors: Packetframe.

Packetframe is an open-source project, by our Chief Technology Officer, Nate Sales, to deliver CDN, DNS, Caching and Anycast services. We work in a close relationship, sharing engineering DevOps and SysOp capabilities.

Nate has been operating Packetframe for over 5 months. During this time, it has served over 100 million authoritative DNS queries.

Since its inception, Packetframe has worked with several FOSS projects to evaluate and improve the user experience. That close work is leading to the creation of a new control panel and the addition of several new features, such as:

  • DNSSEC support;
  • Automated TLS certificates;
  • Custom cache configuration;
  • Improved API validation and response codes;
  • Record modification support.

If you want to know more about Packetframe, you can watch Nate's talk at the NANOG 81 conference on YouTube.

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The image used in this blog post was provided to us by Packetframe. All rights reserved to them
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