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Fosshost increases node coverage Needham, MA

Fosshost is delighted to announce that we have committed to a three-year term with Lightwave Networks, Inc for 10u of colocation at their Needham location, a Digital Realty facility.

Lightwave Networks have provided Fosshost with non-profit pricing to support our mission and objectives of supporting, promoting and advancing the open source community with AArch64 hosting.

Deputy Technical Director at Fosshost, Hampton Moore, said "Working with LightWave Networks to deploy an aarch64 cluster in Boston gives Fosshost its first presence on the US East, a previously untouched region. By being in Boston we will have sub-7ms connectivity to New York and sub 14ms to Virginia. In addition, LightWave's Tier 3 data centers provides us with strong physical security, power and cooling redundancy, and good connectivity due to LightWave's connectivity to over 40 digital realty-owned data centers, accounting for over 1,000 connected networks, whose connection we benefit from."

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