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Unboxing and Racking Days

Yesterday was Unboxing Day for Fosshost and an important milestone in deploying our Arm-based hardware. Thomas, our CEO, spent part of his day dealing with cardboard, tape, and foam, to get the units ready to ship today to the CustodianDC data center in Kent. There, our volunteers will rack and stack the first five units, and install the operating system.

shipping invoice unboxing day

A follow-up visit to the CustodianDC data center in Kent will be made next week.

After passing all the tests, the units will then be added to the cluster and will be accessible in our Dashboard in a few hours. Full IPv6 support will be available for these units.

units going to kent

In another part of the globe, at the Equinix data center in Dallas, five Arm-based units are almost ready to go live. They are the ones featured in our blog posts about the Dashboard. We are just polishing the last edges. Expect news about this very soon.

It's the final countdown.

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