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Our name is changing!

We have decided to bring the Fosshost Project site in-line with other Arm-focussed open-source efforts, which is why with immediate effect, we've changed our name and domain before our first Arm-based compute platform goes live.

We're working with Arm Limited and they gave us the domain and helped us design the new logo, which we love.

Thomas Markey, Founder of Fosshost said: "This partnership with Arm will enable our work to go further, ensuring we can remain sustainable and to continue providing our services to the open-source community. The domain is a perfect domain name for us to enjoy as we build the momentum, and insight into the data centre using Arm-based hardware, kindly donated by Ampere Computing."

Due to some delays as a result of COVID-19, we're running behind schedule on deploying the Ampere hardware, but we will be able to provide further updates on this towards the end of this month. Please continue to watch and follow for the latest updates.

Please take the opportunity to follow us on Twitter and share this web page with educational groups, Arm fans, and like-minded individuals.
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